Photo shoot..

make up is important! :p

There’s something my sister, my friend, and I like to do in our spare time. We like to put on make-up and get prettified, pose, and take pictures of ourselves. We spend about an hour or so doing this, and we wrap it up in a file on my computer and call it a photo shoot.I don’t know why putting on make-up, doing our hair, and taking pictures is so entertaining or fun. Sometimes we plan to do this, sometimes we just grab a low battery camera and snap a few shots for fun. I guess one reason I like to do this little “photo shoot” thing is because it’s a chance to look pretty. To get a pretty picture. Because a lot of the time, a pretty picture seems so out of reach for me.You see, in my mind, a pretty girl has flawless or nearly flawless skin, bright eyes, silky hair, a great smile, an hourglass shape, a skinny body, perfect clothes, always put together and stunning.It seems to me that a beautiful girl is someone with a beautiful inside, not outside. God finds valuable beauty in a girl with a gentle and quiet spirit. Beautiful, huh?So, if the Lord sees that kind of beauty in us, why do we keep searching for more and more beauty on the outside? I know that I search for that kind of beauty all the time when my friend and I do our “photo shoots.” I look through all the pictures of me and think of ways that I can make myself prettier. Well, maybe it’s time that I start worrying about making myself a prettier girl on the inside.Beauty starts on the inside, and radiates to the outside. Through the way a girl’s eyes shine. Through the way she lives. Through the way she cares, loves, hopes. All of those qualities are so beautiful to me. I wonder if they’re beautiful to God also.There’s the question again: If outside beauty doesn’t matter, why do we still search for it? Why do we torture ourselves by pointing out all our flaws? Why do I look at a “photo shoot” as a time to look better and see myself as prettier instead of looking at a “photo shoot” as a time to hang out with people I love and have a good time? Why is being beautiful so important to us girls?You probably have your own answer to that last question. Maybe being pretty is so important because it’s the only way that we can fit in, get accepted, get attention, get love, and be liked by others. :)

Penggunaan 'AKU' adalah untuk keselesaan saya semasa menulis . MAAF sekiranya ianya kurang sopan dan tidak disenangi sesetengah pihak yang lebih berusia .

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