Japan earthquake..

Japan tsunami
(photo courtesy of Toshiharu Kato/American Red Cross)
If you’ve seen a tv or newspaper lately, you’re probably aware of what’s happening in Japan right now. But just in case you missed it, here’s a recap:
- On Friday, Japan suffered a severe earthquake which triggered a tsunami (think of it like glass in a water… if you shake the glass, you get waves. Well, the earth shook and it caused the ocean to move in waves over 30 feet high).
- Several nuclear plants have suffered major damage which workers are scrambling to repair.
- Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes/possessions and are living in temporary shelters.
You may be asking, What can I, a teen sitting at home, do about this?
With any disaster, there are a thousand charities offering opportunities for you to donate money – and some are fake. So if you want to give, make sure you choose wisely. 
But whether you donate or not, pray. Ask God to help the people of Japan who are suffering from this catastrophe, and to provide the resources needed to help them recover.

Penggunaan 'AKU' adalah untuk keselesaan saya semasa menulis . MAAF sekiranya ianya kurang sopan dan tidak disenangi sesetengah pihak yang lebih berusia .

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