Pressure..! -.-

In form5, the pressure to do well started to really freak me out.
 Everyone was constantly comparing test scores and papers.
 I began to feel totally insecure about my ability. I felt like
 everyone was smarter than me, and if I didn't do better than
 okay, I'd never get into college...ouh,so stressed! :(
i hate this very much..!

I tried to study, but I was so scared of failing and so full of

 caffeine that I couldn't really concentrate. When I went to 
school during the day I was too exhausted from trying to cram 
algebraic formulas, important dates, and crucial names into
 my head to pay attention in class.
omg  !this is me!

Penggunaan 'AKU' adalah untuk keselesaan saya semasa menulis . MAAF sekiranya ianya kurang sopan dan tidak disenangi sesetengah pihak yang lebih berusia .

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semua yang tercatat adalah hak milik aziera..and i dont like copycats