Real devo:abusing power

my mum.. :)

My mom’s face twisted as she watched the television screen. Unable to control my curiosity, I moved into the living room to see what she was watching.It was a Lady Gaga concert. And I knew exactly why my mom was so disappointed.Lady Gaga was, as usual, dancing seductively on stage in a skimpy outfit, stopping to rub her body up against some male dancer.Then the camera panned the crowd and stopped at a young girl, maybe twelve, danncing to the music and viewing Gaga with eyes of wonder and amazement.
My stomach flopped.Whether it’s Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber or the next big “role model,” I can’t help but wonder if these stars consider how they affect young people. I can’t think that pole dancing in front of millions of little girls is influencing them in the right way, and encouraging barely teenage girls and boys to enjoy and instigate young romance seems a little inappropriate. Unfortunately, as much as I would like to, I have no opportunity to sit these “role models” down and tell them how dumb they are acting.But I can tell you.Though you may feel far from the spotlight, I can nearly guarantee—unless you live under a rock—that you are influencing someone. Maybe a younger brother or sister, or some kid you babysit, or a peer who is looking to you for answers. I can easily think of several people I influence, and you probably can too.Let me tell it to you straight: Don’t abuse your power.  It’s obvious to see that someone who admires you and looks up to you will listen to what you say and do what you say and even do what you don’t say, but what your actions say.Too many celebrities have been caught up in the power of it all and have forgotten that little feetwalk right behind them. Don’t be like that. Encourage those who look up to you to live lives that please God.

Penggunaan 'AKU' adalah untuk keselesaan saya semasa menulis . MAAF sekiranya ianya kurang sopan dan tidak disenangi sesetengah pihak yang lebih berusia .

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